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Some Important Numbers

In the past 4 years, out of total clients at Reconstruct:

0 %
Clients were Working Professionals*
*More than 1200 clients
0 %
of whom reported:

1 in 3 employees reported a decline in health
and mental wellbeing as they started to return
to work according to a report by DAWN.

They also reported that this decline made
them 5 times unlikely to fulfill key

Amidst this, the new variants of the virus
keep on infecting large numbers of people
suffering from low immunity due to poor
health making them take more days off from

Factors Affecting Employee Productivity

Our Solution

We provide end to end fitness services using our mobile app.
Individuals have the option to workout on their own by
watching videos for our customized workouts or they can
choose to workout virtually with a trainer.
We use data from existing and past clients to pick out trends
in order to work scientifically and guarantee results.
No matter what the individual’s fitness goal is, we help them
with reaching it while focusing on all aspects of their health
with the help of a certified fitness team.


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