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Reconstruct is an app-based fitness company that helps get individuals fit no matter where they are. We believe in making fitness convenient and sustainable for our clients by making tailored workout plans and meal plans that allow you to eat the foods you love and workout from the place of your choosing with whatever equipment you have available..
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Make fitness sustainable, accessible and effective for all
Gym Overview


Deliver Data-powered Training & Nutrition Plans specific to Body Type, Body Goals & Lifestyle

How we changed the landscape

With the pandemic hitting, gyms shut down and people had no way to stay fit. As we started to cater those staying at home, we discovered a few things that were not part of the fitness narrative:
● Unless you’re an athlete or used to extreme training or fitness, you can still make the same progress at home, with basic equipment as you would in the gym. Our numbers showed that almost 98% percent of our clients ended up dropping at least 2 inches off their waist in the first month, gained strength and toned up. This number actually went up from the previous 96% out of which majority were working out from gyms.
● That an online model of fitness training gave individuals an opportunity to make fitness more convenient which led to a 40% decrease in the number of missed workouts. While Gyms and studios focus on bringing footfall to their facilities, we make sure that fitness is as accessible and convenient for an individual as it can be.

How We Work

● More than 1200 active clients with upto 98% retention rate in the first 3 months and 76% for up till 6 months. We make sure that our clients remain our focus.
● It doesn’t matter where you workout from whether its the office gym, home gym, no equipment or minimum equipment, hotel room or even the office cubicle, we
make sure we give you workouts that are effective and make the most of your surroundings.
● Plus local diet options – in office and home and out on weekends.
● Most home based clients showed the same results as in-gym clients
● We understood our clients for who they are and what they have instead of putting them at an inconvenience.
● We’ve helped a large number of clients with conditions such as PCOS, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and hypertension with individualized attention and a certified team.

Hamza Khawaja

ISSA, LesMills, MeFitPro
Certified Trainer

Aleena Iqtidar

ISSA Certified Trainer
and Nutritionist

Harris Sheikh

Nutrition Manager
ISSA Certified

Fizzah Malik

Fitness Manager
ISSA Certified Trainer

Zareen Rehman

Fitness Trainer
Pilates and ISSA Certified Trainer

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Gym Overview


Deliver Data-powered Training & Nutrition Plans specific to Body Type, Body Goals & Lifestyle

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Pamela Collins
    Pamela Collins

    10 Weeks / Private Training

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    Sean Silva
      Sean Silva

      8 Weeks / Athlete Training

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      Heather Holland
        Heather Holland

        12 Weeks / Group Training

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